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Who Should you consult Lender or Realtor?

Here at Ductant Group & Associates we go above and beyond for our clients. Assuring that you are well educated and prepared for all avenues on the road to a successful Real estate transaction. I try to answer every question and to be sure that everyone understands what is going on at all times. With that being said, there has to be some transparency between agent and client. At times I find that my clients aren’t really clear as to who should be answering certain questions and this could lead to some confusion. This lack of transparency may lead a client to believe that their agent lacks knowledge due to the fact that it is not the job of an agent to know. Realtors already catch so much slack for things that aren’t in our control, like bad title or the loss of a loan which can arise and jeopardize any deal. So I decided to write this article to guide buyers on who to ask certain questions.

Questions to ask lenders:

  1. How much will I need as a deposit to qualify for my loan?

  2. How much money will I need to cover closing cost?

  3. What all does my closing cost consist of?

  4. What documents do you need from me to begin the loan process?

  5. How much will my interest rate be?

  6. Is the home I’m interested in appraised for the amount the seller and I am under contract for?

  7. How much am I approved for?

  8. How long will it take for you to complete the loan process?

Questions to ask Realtor:

  1. Is the condition of this home acceptable for this price?

  2. What is the market value of the home I am interested in?

  3. How much should I expect to pay in property tax?

  4. What are the association/maintenance fee for the community I am looking to purchase into?

  5. What are the parking rules of the community?

  6. How long has this home been on the market?

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