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Is your Realtor an All-star agent according to Ductant Group & Associates?

So you are finally ready to purchase a home. You’ve been saving for some time now and getting your credit in great shape to shop for rates from lenders. You’ve done your research on what type of home you want and have found the perfect neighborhoods that best fit your family and lifestyle needs.

Ductant Group

For sellers you’ve been on sites getting estimates on how much your home is worth based on the market, and calculated how much equity you expect to make from the sale of your home. This is where most people stop with the planning and preparations’ for purchasing/selling their home. While all of these steps are important and for obvious reason, must be made.

Most people fail to plan and prepare themselves for what are important traits to look for in a great agent. The simple mistake of not educating yourself on how to know if you’ve hired the right agent could cost you time, money, and even your dream home. One thing I constantly hear from clients are complaints about the agent I was able to steal them from.

This is very common in the Real Estate industry so I have comprised a list of traits I feel buyers/sellers should look for when working with Realtors.

Knowledge, from your first appointment, an all-star agent will flex their knowledge. They will let you know all of the current market trends and will explain to you how you should expect to stand up against competition. An all-star agent will walk you through the whole buying/selling process so you are fully aware of what roads lie ahead. During that appointment a great agent will also let you know what to expect from them and should be able to provide you access to all resources needed to close the deal.

Caring, a caring agent is one who pays attention to what their clients are truly looking for. They are detail oriented and always goes that extra mile to ensure you are comfortable in with the whole process. Agents who write down things as you say them so that they can later remind you of points you mentioned earlier on. A caring agent sends postcards on holidays, and messages on birthdays being sure to build a genuine relationship that will last many years to come. Simple gestures like these are important in an agent.

Problem Solver, a problem solving agent is a great agent to have on your side. What most people aren’t aware of is that many problems may arise throughout any real estate transaction. It is the agents job to make sure these situations get handle appropriately and that the deal continues to push through if possible. An all-star agent will have tricks and remedies for almost every situation that may occur. This is why you hire an agent in the first place and you should always remember that.

Customer Service, customer service in my opinion is always what sets the bar in any service provided by a business. So a great agent should not disappoint in treating clients like they are appreciated. Great customer service skills include following up with you periodically to make sure you are on top of the things, being on time for scheduled appointments, responding to messages and requests promptly. Being available to handle situations in a timely manner as to not miss deadlines and lastly just be there to reassure you that they have everything taken care of. If you can check off everything listed in this article when thinking of your trusted agent, than you my friend have got yourself an all-star agent.

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